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National Sales & Marketing Consultants with a broad range of background & experience & a "hands-on" consultancy.

41 Successful Years in Consumer Packaged Goods Sales & Marketing
Professional Leadership of John O'Maley & Associates for 30 Years
190 Products Successfully Launched to the US Retail Market
Successfully Consulted with over 325 Companies
Successfully Led Clients at 290 ECRM Trade Events over 30 Years, Including 19 Virtual ECRM's
Trained in Leadership at West Point; Captain, Ranger, US Army Retired
Trained in Sales, Marketing, Advertising & Business Development at P&G for 10 Years
4 Million Domestic Delta Air Miles Growing Clients’ Business Profitably
Happily Married for 47 Years; Blessed with 4 Grown Children, 5 Grandchildren
Permanent Deacon in the Catholic Church
1390 Brookchase Circle, Maineville, OH 45039 513-227-7191

Bob Hudson, VP/GM, MH Pankow, Sales Agency, Mid-Atlantic Region, June 2002 Testimonial
I received a phone call recently regarding a reference on John O'Maley and the same questions followed, work ethic, honesty, integrity, creativity... I gave him aces in all areas. I described over 20 years of positive business experiences and then I was asked a new question, one that made me think....What sets John apart from the others? I thought for a minute and it came out easy....HIS FAITH AND HIS FAMILY. I hope John's new prospect has the unique opportunity to work with John and appreciate his abilities.
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