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National Sales & Marketing Consultants with a broad range of background & experience & a "hands-on" consultancy.

John O'Maley & Associates: National Sales & Marketing Consultants. 40 successful years in Sales & Marketing; successfully launching 160 new product lines to the mass trade. We confine our consulting business to a small select group of manufacturers to insure total in-depth sales & marketing support. We use the same proven national broker network, 35 key senior account sales executives, trained in Fortune 500 companies, to insure continuity & excellent national coverage. John personally conducts major account presentations to guarantee success & distribution. We develop World-Class PowerPoint Sales Presentations to generate significant distribution growth. We have a long-standing & trusted reputation in the retail industry which has allowed us to launch 160 product lines successfully to numerous trade channels. We have consulted with over 300 companies for various sales and marketing projects, always adding value. John has successfully helped his clients at 270 ECRM events over 25 years. With 4 million domestic Delta air miles, John is committed to do the necessary travel to get the job done. John was trained in leadership at West Point, the United States Military Academy & trained in sales, marketing, business development & advertising at Procter & Gamble. His military experience (Captain, Ranger, US Army) & P&G classical training have been instrumental in generating outstanding results for our clients.

Bob Hudson, VP/GM, MH Pankow, Sales Agency, Mid-Atlantic Region, June 2002 Testimonial
I received a phone call recently regarding a reference on John O'Maley and the same questions followed, work ethic, honesty, integrity, creativity... I gave him aces in all areas. I described over 20 years of positive business experiences and then I was asked a new question, one that made me think....What sets John apart from the others? I thought for a minute and it came out easy....HIS FAITH AND HIS FAMILY. I hope John's new prospect has the unique opportunity to work with John and appreciate his abilities.
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